Chemical free Mattress Cleaning

Mattress Cleaning

Why should you sanitise your mattress?

Mattresses like any other piece of furniture in the house attract a lot of dust and before you know it, your mattress can become home to a range of bacteria, fungi and dust mites. Just vaccuming alone can’t clean your mattresses. Dust Mites are the most common allergen-producing organisms and are most commonly found in Mattresses and Bed Pillows and are proven to be the source of 90 percent of allergy based symptoms like asthma and eczema experienced by a vast population.

Carpet King’s Eco mattress cleaning system kills and removes dust mites, their excrement, your dead skin, allergies, virus, bacteria and mould spores and can provide protection for up to 6 months.

To control dust mites and allergens the temperature needs to be 130°f (55°C) or higher, the Jet Vac Pro runs at 329°F (165°C)

Eco Mattress cleaning is done with our high temp steam extraction machine. This uses superheated steam vapour to dissolve dirt and kill bacteria. The powerful vacuum removes dirt and moisture to leave surfaces dry, clean and sanitised.

This will destroy any bugs that might have taken up residence there. This will sanitise and remove allergens in your mattress and provide allergy relief. Any soiling on the mattress will be removed through the steam extraction depending on how long it has been there.

Do your family a favour in controling your environnment and get your mattress regulary cleaned.

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